Objectify This! Opening

The best thing about going to school in Chicago is that there’s never a lack of things going on around here.  I was pretty giddy when I heard Street Anatomy’s Vanessa Ruiz was curating a show only about one L stop away, and even more ridiculously excited when I saw it featured on Juxtapoz Magazine’s site.  And I was going.  To an event featured on Juxtapoz.  I felt like I had finally entered the art world. Cincinnati’s art scene is great, but this was the major league (atleast as far as my experiences had been).  And the event really didn’t disappoint.

Objectify This! essentially summed up everything I ever tried to do in my BFA senior thesis.  Beautifully painted female nudes, exposing what was under the skin. One of my favorite artists was there: Fernando Vicente (who I had researched during my BFA thesis), plus some of my now other favorites (where have you been all my life?).  There were anatomy-themed burlesque performances and little anatomically correct heart chocolates that oozed red filling.  It seems like the show as made for me.  If I only had my mohawk, I could have died happy.


A Day in the Life: Biomedical Visualization Fall Semester

Here’s a run down of the first semester schedule in the first year of University of Illinois at Chicago’s (UIC) graduate program.  I’ll be referring to these classes often, so this is a general overview to describe them.  Almost all of the classes are required, and I take all of them with the entire entering class of the program (about 17 students).

Computer Applications
Anatomical Visualization
Instructional Design
Seminar in Biomedical Visualization
Information Sources for Biomedical & Health Information Sciences
Gross Human Anatomy

I’ll go through each class and attempt to explain each one.  Since this blog entry is lengthy, click the More button below, or the entry title “A Day in the Life” to the left to read about the classes.

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