Polycystic Kidney – In Progress

Painting my polycystic kidney I modeled in Mudbox based on imported patient data from a real healthy kidney. Due a week from today.


Livers and Hearts – Drawing an Anomalous Left Hepatic Vein

Assignment Three of Anatomical Visualization:

Based on a journal article given to us, this is an illustration of an anomalous left hepatic vein found during an autopsy (posterior view).

Heart drawing

Normally, this vein drains into the inferior vena cava from the liver, but in this case the vein was found draining directly into the right atrium of the heart. Additionally, the coronary sinus and posterior vein of the left ventricle also were found emptying into the right atrium, rather than the inferior vena cava.

This was a particularly difficult assignment since there are few resources with posterior images of the relationship between the heart and the liver.  The drawing was completed mostly with in-lab/specimen observation and a program called Osirix.


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!  It’s the best excuse of the year to practice some anatomy!  Even Heidi Klum is doing it!  Known for her extravagant Halloween costumes, she arrived at her Halloween party as a skinned dead body (complete with painted musculature) and rolled out on an autopsy table.  Click the picture to read an article about her costume, its creation, and see more pictures.

Heidi Klum Halloween Costume