Surgical Sketching

I’ve already lost track of how many weeks into the Fall semester (and my 2nd year at BVIS), and there is already a ton going on.  One of the more exciting things happening is Surgical Illustration.

I love observing surgery. I’m not entirely sure there’s much else to say about that. Last week we had the review of our “surgical scavenger hunt,” which we went into a bunch of different surgeries and sketched out certain elements of an operation: closure, dissection, hemostasis, tissue manipulation, etc.

I was pretty nervous about sketching in the OR.  I was sure I would knock something over, trip a surgeon, or some other apocalyptic accident.  Fortunately, things so far have been smooth.  Getting my sketching technique down was a little difficult at first too. With all the digital work going on, it’s been awhile since I sketched from life, and even longer since I sketched something moving. Naturally, I have a really fluid, sketchy style of drawing – which the pace of the OR didn’t accommodate.  I finally got into the flow (on of all days, the last day).



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